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The Department of Public Education provides education to all kinds of people. This Department consists of seven sections, namely, Education, Display, Library, Photography, Audio-Visual, Publication, and Auditorium.

The Education Section provides guided tours, runs the School Service Program and the Mobile Exhibition Service, and arranges lectures, seminars and children's painting exhibitions. It also conducts the visits of foreign dignitaries and state guests. One important function of the Education Section is to hold a Children's Art Competition and a Handwriting Competition in Bangla annually.

The Display Section installs all displays in the galleries and in the special exhibitions in an attractive ways in consultation with the Curatorial Departments. It also produces replicas of selected objects for the galleries and Sale Center.

The Library of Bangladesh National Museum is a specialized reference library in the country. It holds 35,000 books and journals on history, art and culture, science and technology, and other relevant subjects. It is open to scholars and researchers.

The Photography Section takes photographs of objects in the collections of the Curatorial Departments and of archaeological sites, old mosques and temples, and historical edifies. Besides, it takes photographs of objects before and after treatment in the Conservation Laboratory and for publication.

The Audio-Visual Section creates audios and videos of all programs held in the Museum and produces documentary films based on collections and themes. It also documents oral history.

The Publication Section is responsible for all kinds of publication. It publishes News Bulletin, Journal of Bangladesh National Museum, Annual Reports, exhibition catalogues, books, view-cards, and official memorandums. It maintains contact with related organizations, sends the Museum's publications to them, and receives their publications for the Museum. The Publication Section thus keeps the Museum updated by way of interaction.

Bangladesh National Museum has two auditoriums (the Main Auditorium and the Poet Sufia Kamal Auditorium) and one hall (the Nalini Kanta Bhattasali Exhibition Hall). The Auditorium Section is in charge of the auditoriums and the hall. Although these facilities are intended for the Museum, foreign and native organizations and agencies, subject to availability and restrictions and abiding by the rules, can hold lectures, seminars, symposia and cultural functions at the Main Auditorium or at the Poet Sufia Kamal Auditorium and can hold exhibitions at the Nalini Kanta Bhattasali Exhibition Hall on a rental basis.

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