100 Renowned Objects

Ivory Elephant
Barrel of an Anti-Aircraft Gun
Historic Chair of Bangahandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
Paleolithic Scraper
Part of a terracotta plaque
Famine Sketch
Female Oriental Magpie Robin
Mounted Royal Bengal Tiger
Mounted Male Green Peafowl
Mounted Leopard Cat
Quartz Crystaline
Mounted Capped Langur
Shell of Double Nut
Branched Murex
Elephant Tusk
Gold Coin of Sultan Fakhruddin Mubarak Shah
Gold Coin of Sultan Nasirruddin Nusrat Shah
Gold Coin of Jalaluddin Fath Shah
Gold Coin of Ghiyasuddin Mahmud Shah
Silver Coin of Sultan Ghiyasuddin Nusrat Shah
Black Basalt
Inscription of Bhoja Varman
Sitalmath Inscription of Khan Abul Fath Yuzbak
Black Basalt
Sonargaon Inscription of Sultan Nasiruddin Nusrat Shah (1519-1531)
Naswalagali Inscription of Nasir al-Din Mahmud Shah
Specimen of Calligraphy
Mandra Inscription of Jalal al-Din Muhammad Shah (1415-1431 A. D.)
Sylhet Inscription of Emperor Aurangzib (1658-1707 A. D.)
An Image of Ganeas
An Image of the Fish Incarnation of Visnu
An Image of Mahamaya
An Image of Nataraja Siva
An image of Gauri
An image of Purusottama
An image of Revanta
An image of Hariti
An Image of Marichi
An Image of Sarasvati
An Image of Navagraha
An image of Mahapratisara
An image of the Dhyani Buddha
An image of Hariti
An Image of Parnasavari
An Image of Visnu
A Massive Image of Nandi
An image of Syama (green) Tara
An image of Syama (green) Tara
An Image of Lokanatha
An image of Bhrkuti Tara
Three Daughters
Replica of Husaini Dalan
A Letter in the Handwriting of Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941)
The Charred Cross of Bangladesh
Sculpture of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
An Image of Lokanatha
An Image of Nilakantha
Stone Column
Terracota Cone
Dalliance in Water
An Epitome of Misery , an album of photographs
Dhaka Water-color Paintings : 20
Dhaka Water-color Paintings : 21
Dhaka Water-color Paintings : 22
An Image of Aghora
An Image of Kalyana-Sundara
An Image of Alingana-Murti
An Image of Surya
An image of Ganesa
Fragment of an image probably of Laksmi
Terracotta Head
Terracotta Plaque
Terracotta Plaque
Cannon of Sher Shah (c. 1540-1545 A.D.)
Cannon of Isa Khan (c. 1575-1599 A.D.)
Sword of Nawab Siraj-ud-daulah
Khulah Khud (Helmet) of Emperor Shah Abbas the Great (c. 1587-1628 A.D.)
A Bowl Heavily Inscribed in Arabic and Containing the Zodiac
Lily (Shapla)
A Model of the Boat (The Election Symbol of the Awami League)
Kajaldan (Collyrium-case)
Atardan (Otto-pot)
Golap-pash (Rose-water Sprinkler)
Khasdan (Special container)
Hansuli (crescent-shaped necklace)
Model of a Palanquin
Hookah (hubble-bubble)

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