Ethnography and Decorative Art

Established on 27 December 1975, the Department of Ethnography and Decorative Art has two approaches: the study of ethnic groups of Bangladesh and the study of decorative art in all its manifestations. This Curatorial Department possesses a wide range of tangible and intangible resources reflecting the lifestyles, traditions, festivals, beliefs and rituals of the people. It holds an extensive collection of decorative art from the medieval and modern periods. Its collections include arms and armor, baskets, boats including replicas, ceramics, furniture, glass, ivory-work, metalwork, stonework, woodwork, gold and silver ornaments, musical instruments, textiles, costumes, a wide range of folk art including dolls, mats, fishing implements, templates of cakes, hookahs, and embroidered quilts, and objects representing the patterns of life of ethnic groups. Major ethnic groups, depicting their customs and practices with all their charm and gaiety, have been presented elaborately through beautiful dioramas. This Department has one of the largest collections of arms and armor in the Indian subcontinent. Quite fascinating are its collections of woodwork, metalwork and embroidered quilts. The objects of this Department are displayed in sixteen galleries. In addition to collecting, preserving and documenting objects, the Department of Ethnography and Decorative Art provides an important basis for research and education and creates an appreciation among the people through its exhibitions and publications based on its rich collections. This Department has published books based on fieldwork and research.

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