Director General


Md. Reaz Ahmed

Director General

Bangladesh National Museum


List of Director Generals of Bangladesh National Museum

SI Name Duration  
1 Dr. Enamul Haque 28-09-1983 to 06-02-1991  
2 Dr. Nizamuddin (current charge) 07-02-1991 to 02-12-1991  
3 Chowdhury Golam Mowla (current charge) 03-12-1991 to 05-06-1992  
4 Shaikh Akram Ali 06-06-1992 to 30-04-1994  
5 Md. Moslem Ali (Additional charge) 30-04-1994 to 30-06-1994  
6 Md. Moslem Ali 01-07-1994 to 05-02-1995  
7 Ziaul Islam Chowdhury(Additional charge) 05-02-1995 to 27-01-1996  
8 A. Z. M. Rafique Bhuiyan 27-01-1996 to 08-10-1997  
9 A. K. M. Shumsuzzaman Khan 08-10-1997 to 27-12-2001  
10 Md. Abdul Matin (current charge) 28-12-2001 to 01-01-2002  
11 Dr. A. Z. M Iftikhar-ul-Awwal 02-01-2002 to 02-01-2004  
12 Abdul Karim Sarkar (current charge) 02-01-2004 to 16-03-2004  
13 Professor Mahmudul Haque 16-03-2004 to 12-11-2006  
14 Md. Nur Hossain Talukder (current charge) 12-11-2006 to 10-12-2006  
15 Kazi Akhter Hossain 10-12-2006 to 02-04-2007  
16 Md. Nur Hossain Talukder (current charge) 08-04-2007 to 04-03-2009  
17 Samar Chandra Paul 08-04-2007 to 04-03-2009  
18 Alam Ara Begum (current charge) 05-03-2009 to 24-04-2009  
19 Mohammed Shafiqul Azam 25-04-2009 to 09-02-2010  
20 Prokash Chandra Das 09-02-2010 to 25-03-2014  
21 Quamrun Nahar Khanam 25-03-2014 to 23-07-2014  
22 Dr. Md. Faroque Hossain (Routine Duty) 24-07-2014 to 05-08-2014  
23 Faizul Latif Chowdhury 06-08-2014 to 12-06-2018  
24 Md. Abdul Mannan Ilias 23-06-2018 to 19.09-2018  
25 Md. Muksodur Rahman Patwary 20.09.2018 to   
26 Md. Abdul Mannan Ilias 04-11-2018 to  


Sections directly under the Director General

There are three sections that are directly under the Director General of Bangladesh National Museum. These sections are the Board of Trustees Section, the Exploration Section, and the Registration and Control of Antiquities Section.

The Board of Trustees Section looks after all affairs of the Board of Trustees. This Section keeps track of all meetings of the Board of Trustees for circulation of notices and minutes to the Trustees in time and is responsible for maintaining all records originating from the meetings.

The Exploration Section is responsible for collection of antiquities and other objects by means of exploration. It conducts fieldwork in collaboration with the Curatorial Departments.

The Registration and Control of Antiquities Section maintains and preserves all accession registers, documents, files, reports, notes, etc. relating to the collection of antiquities and other objects in the Inventory Records Room. This Section assigns accession numbers, makes location and tag cards, and extends all kinds of cooperation to the Curatorial Departments. While the Curatorial Departments are custodians of the antiquities and other objects, the Registration and Control of Antiquities Section monitors their movement.

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